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Reliability and the highest quality service are the fuel for a successful relationship

At Gamtisa, we believe that reliability and high-quality service are the fuel for a successful relationship. That's why customer experience is at the forefront of our strategy to achieve our vision of becoming your partner of choice. Our dedicated team of professionals makes sure that you, our customer, feel fairly treated by us every time. Our goal is to treat you the way we would like to be treated ourselves. We provide high-quality marine bunker solutions with specialized analysis and constant follow-up. Our experienced bunker traders are always at your service to find the most satisfying solutions that meet your needs.

We go to any length to meet your needs and take responsibility for any setbacks that might occur.


Always honest, giving simple, clear and accurate information so that you can make informed decisions.

Always there for you making it easy for you to contact us as we know that your time is precious.

At your service giving you help to meet your bunker needs. We always listen carefully to make sure we focus on improving the things that are important..



Gamtisa Trading Partners was established in 1985 and has since developed into a global commodity merchant, with a presence in all the major global commodities hubs. We are a global diversified merchant and client solutions provider in the commodities space, covering a range of agricultural, industrial, and energy products. Our proven strategy is focused on financing, marketing, transportation, and risk mitigation. We provide support to our clients throughout the entire value chain.

Gamtisa is a global diversified merchant and client solutions provider in the commodities space covering a range of agricultural, industrial, and energy products. Gamtisa provides support to our clients throughout the entire value chain with a proven strategy focused on financing, marketing, transportation, and risk mitigation.




Gamtisa is a leading global metals and minerals trader, with a strong network of relationships with producers and end-users. Our focus on efficiency and risk mitigation extends throughout the entire value chain – from sourcing from miners and smelters to distributing to our industrial consumer base. We offer both short and long-term off-take agreements and work closely with our partners to build strategic long-term relationships.


Gamtisa is one of the world’s leading metals and minerals traders, having built up a global network between producers and end users. Gamtisa focuses on efficiency and risk mitigation throughout the entire value chain – sourcing from miners, smelters, and distributing to our industrial consumer base. We source volumes through off take agreements for short and long term purchases with a partnership mentality based on strategic long-term relationships.



Physical commodity sourcing and marketing requires the highest standards in the handling and shipment of goods from supplier to customer, often including storage activities. Gamtisa is currently one of the largest global warehousing companies, with a footprint in strategic locations and with registration of our core facilities. Our freight business provides long term solutions and freight market guidance to Gamtisa’s various commodity platforms and third party clients.

At Gamtisa, we believe in addressing imbalances between producers and consumers and providing long-term sustainable solutions to our valuable customers. We are committed to responsible sourcing and building sustainable supply contracts that benefit all our stakeholders.

At Gamtisa We work to address imbalances between producers and consumers, providing long term solutions to our customers throughout our portfolio of sustainable supply contracts.


Gamtisa has a worldwide footprint, operating in eight countries through our eight branches in Canada, Israel, Ethiopia, South Korea, Djibouti, Poland, Russia, and South Africa. Our global network enables us to efficiently source and distribute commodities to our customers.

Map 1: Geography of Gamtisa’s operations



Gamtisa has an integrated business model founded on research, financing, merchandising, logistics and risk management. We have a worldwide footprint; operating in 15 different global platforms throughout our 8 offices in 8 Countries.

Our goal is to facilitate the marketing, processing, financing and transportation of essential raw materials. We operate from the beginning to the end of the global commodities value chain.

We originate, transport, and merchandise approximately 5 million tonnes per year of commodities, servicing over thousands of customers around the world.

Gamtisa has a solid capital structure and strong balance sheet which enables us to offer financing to our clients.


Registered office: Gamtisa Trading K Towers - Sderot Yerushalayim 18 office 516C, Ashdod, 7752311

Yahoo ID: gamtisa